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Racial Discrimination Attorney in Northern Virginia

There is, perhaps, no form of workplace harassment that is more shocking than harassment based upon race. Perhaps because of America's long and unfinished struggle with racial equality, prejudice, and bigotry, facing race-based abuse in the workplace can be especially difficult. Racial harassment can take the form of unfair treatment, heightened expectations, intimidation, jokes, graffiti, ostracism, and even threats of violence or violence. All of it is unfair and wrong, but without experienced legal counsel, your employer might get away with it.

Whether you win, lose, or settle your racial harassment claim often depends on what you do months or even years before you go to court. Employees facing harassment without legal counsel may struggle to understand how to prepare their case for litigation or navigate the legal defenses available to their employer. J. Madison PLC can help you preserve evidence, document each incident of harassment, secure witness statements, and itemize your damages. You'll need to take care of that and more to be prepared for litigation.

But a properly-documented and well-prepared racial harassment claim is also more likely to settle. When J. Madison PLC helps harassment clients, whether with an hourly or contingency fee arrangement, we'll do everything we can to prepare your case for successful litigation. And that means that we're also preparing your case to settle on terms that are favorable to you. But if settlement fails, we're prepared to go the distance and tell your story to a Virginia jury.


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